Spark of Creation Therapy

Spark is a group practice of psychotherapists, located in Evanston, Illinois (just north of Chicago), who are committed to a vision of therapy that treats the whole person:  body, mind, and spirit.

Our practice model is one of full engagement and we dedicate ourselves to join our patients in whatever manner they need to realize their goals.  Bringing a “get it done” attitude to this process, our SPARK clinicians will provide therapy in a way that goes beyond “treatment as usual.”

If you or a loved one have tried therapy in other contexts and have not achieved your goals, or if you are contemplating trying therapy for the first time, then contact Spark for a different kind of experience that could change the way you look at yourself and the way you live.  Please don’t waste another day living a life devoid of the joy you deserve.

Spark of Creation Therapy clinicians are dedicated to the task of accompanying their patients from a symptom ridden existence to an optimal and full life.  Located on the North Shore of Chicago, Spark clinicians have flexible schedules to make themselves as available as possible.  Providing individual, couples and family therapy to a variety of populations, it is the hope of Spark of Creation Therapy to provide an experience of therapy that patients will experience as life-changing.  In this way, Spark of Creation Therapy aims to fulfill the promise of creation in all of us.