All of the clinicians at Spark of Creation Therapy are qualified therapists that have committed to the “get it done” model of care.

Having worked in a variety of settings and in a variety of modalities of care, Spark therapists have a range of competencies to bring to bear to the therapeutic relationship. But no skill or theory is as important as our commitment to do whatever it takes to be worthy companions to our patients on their journey to full healing. This includes availability between sessions. What good is a companion on a journey if he/she disappears except for once a week. Although the work of the journey should occur in the treatment room, we are aware that at times extra support might be needed. Spark of Creation Therapy therapists commit themselves to providing this support.

Each therapist is different and has their own style and way of being a therapist.

To the right are some links to a snapshot of each therapist. Hopefully they will provide you a sense of who we are as people and how we practice the art of therapy.