If spirituality consists of asking questions of meaning:

What is life about?
What is love about?
What am I working for?
What does life mean anyway?

Then it appears that most people have spiritual concerns that can either improve or detract from a person’s emotional and psychological functioning. For therapy to work, it must address these vital questions that people bring to the therapeutic encounter. Many therapists refuse to deal with these questions due to their own ambivalence about them or perhaps an antipathy toward them. If this is the case, the therapist not only does NOT provide empathy for his/her patients, but might recreate an occasion of shame for them.

This will not happen with Spark of Creation Therapy!!!!!

Rather, we are committed to assisting people in the process of emotional growth and healing, not excluding or shaming the spiritual concerns that might be important to them. Thus, our clinicians are trained and are capable of addressing spiritual concerns no matter what religious or secular tradition our patients might have as part of their background or present practice. True healing must address ALL the concerns that a person might need to discuss and explore. At Spark of Creation we commit ourselves to this process of exploration and promise to respect our patients’ spiritualities. Indeed, true spirituality, a genuine openness to mystery can prove to be a valuable asset in the healing of whole person. In this way, the treatment provided by SPARK can help people discover not only the “how to get better” but the “why” as well.