By the time someone has made the call to a therapist, he/she has probably suffered over that decision more than anyone can imagine.  The problems or issues that drove him/her to seek out therapy have probably already overwhelmed his/her capacity to cope.  The willingness to try something different, to really get at the bottom of things, is a movement of the human soul at its most vulnerable and most powerful.

At Spark of Creation Therapy, we are committed to respecting and honoring everyone who is willing to take the brave step of psychotherapy.  In order to make that real for our patients, we make the following promises:

  • We understand that especially in these times, the cost of psychotherapy can be prohibitive.  Each clinician will use a sliding scale (respecting their licensure and years of clinical experience) to make every attempt necessary, so the cost of therapy is affordable and not another source of stress.
  • Although the work of psychotherapy should and needs to be done in the office, there will be those times when an emergency prevents this.  The therapists at Spark of Creation Therapy will make every attempt to make themselves available between sessions.  We are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  (There will be scheduled rest periods for the clinicians arranged ahead of time.  Even then, other clinicians will be on call.)  It has been our clinical experience that when presented with this privilege, people seldom abuse it.  Such an anticipation is denigrating to our patients who are bravely seeking one of the most difficult tasks of life:  human growth.
  • We acknowledge that no one lives in a vacuum.  Thus, we will do our best to reach out to all the important persons within a patient’s life, IF such networking will be of benefit to our patients’ process of growth.  This can include family members, friends, teachers, employers, other care providers, and clergy members.  If everyone is working toward a solution, that solution arrives more quickly–why prolong suffering?
  • Once symptoms have been resolved, Spark therapists remain available for either occasional “tune ups” to make sure symptoms do not resurface or for more ongoing work.  In this ongoing work, people can shift their focus from symptom resolution to optimal living.  Optimal living does not consist of the relief of pain, but in people living their talents, gifts and dreams to their fullest.  Our goal is for people to say, “I never knew my life could be this good!”