About Us

Most people get their opinion about therapy from either images in the media or from a past therapy experience that failed.  Sometimes, therapists are seen as cold and detached, saying “uh huh” to anything the person says.  Other times, therapy is seen as an encounter with a person who is far more mentally ill than the person seeking treatment could imagine being.

These stereotypes unfortunately come true for far too many people seeking assistance in resolving their symptoms or moving toward a better style of living.  SPARK clinicians are dedicated to providing emotional support, and when necessary, challenging their patients to move beyond the habits that keep them stuck.  In this way, people have the opportunity to experiment with new ways of being and relating to others.  Therapy becomes not just a “chat about the news” but a process. It is the process that empowers people to change. People can make the changes they have wanted to make without the pain and difficulty they may have experienced in the past.

Our philosophy is quite simple yet sophisticated. Our experienced therapists do whatever it takes to get you or your loved ones feeling better.