Individual, Family & Couples Therapy

Since we do not live in isolation, but in families and communities, Spark of Creation Therapy is committed to taking care of people in their entire environmental context.

This means on one level enlisting everyone in the identified patient’s world that is necessary to bring out full and expeditious healing. Thus, Spark therapists are willing to provide conjunctive family and couples treatment where it is seen necessary.

Sometimes, the problems that people struggle with live in a communal context. This is where dynamic family therapy or couples therapy can be most helpful. If one is in a conflicted relationship either with a spouse, a child, or other loved one, it is often very difficult to get past the acrimony and baggage and to be able to listen to what the other person wants and perhaps is trying to say. This is where other kinds of therapy can be helpful: it can help us get past the images of certain people we have embedded in our minds and begin to listen to these people (perhaps for the first time in years)–as they see themselves. This can liberate an individual from symptoms, and relationships from the deadness that can creep in after years of a lack of listening or communicating. In this way, therapy from Spark can provide hope not just for individuals but for relationships and families.