Artists & Athletes

There are two special populations that should be mentioned as a special focus for Spark of Creation therapists: artists and athletes.

The clinicians at Spark of Creation Therapy have special experience working with these two populations which have both reported to have received rewarding experiences from Spark while trying to excel in their fields.

Athletes are always looking to get an edge on their competition and improve their performance. The movement of athletically oriented therapy has emerged as a cutting edge field even for high school level athletes. By exploring unconscious conflicts, using guided meditation and relaxation techniques, athletes report not only greater ease in competitive situations, but frequently an improvement in athletic performance. Spark therapists are willing to work with coaches as well in order for the athlete to get the most out of their competitive experiences and add a new dimension of richness to their lives.

Those involved in theater have often availed themselves of the resources available in therapy. But at Spark, we do not provide therapy in albeit tried and true modalities. Theater directors have availed themselves of the therapy at Spark to increase their understanding of their actors, their own craft of directing a show, and be able to do so with fewer interpersonal conflicts or anxiety. At times, actors will come to therapy with scripts in hand, ready to explore their character and how their own experiences and emotions interface with that character and the demand of his role. In this way, actors report a significant improvement in their performances and an increased sense of emotional safety while engaging in the craft they love so much.

If you are among the participants in these endeavors, perhaps Spark of Creation Therapy can help you!!