“Why should I go to therapy? What will it change?”

People in the grip of painful symptoms or stuck in a life pattern that seems entrenched often have trouble seeing the difference that therapy can make. Our response to this protest: If you give therapy a fair chance, it can change your life. The question that often confuses people is: But how?

It is true, none of the clinicians involved with Spark of Creation Therapy are psychiatrists that prescribe medicine. So what can therapy do for a person?

Therapy is a relationship. A real relationship when it’s done right. This relationship gives people permission to bring their whole selves to the encounter. There is absolutely no judging or condemnation for symptoms or self destructive habits. When people feel free to be and to discuss their real emotions, a relationship of trust develops that can give people permission to think about themselves in deeper and more truthful ways. The therapists can support people in experimenting with these new and often scary ways of thinking, feeling, and living. In this way, real change can be achieved.

This kind of therapy does not simply support the old ways of life that brought a person to therapy to begin with. Rather, it opens up a unique opportunity for people to grow in ways he/she never thought possible. It can help to resolve symptoms, achieve a better way of living, and move a person toward their own vision of a life that he/she never thought could be possible or deserved.

Sometimes the process of therapy works most effectively when it is conjoined with other forms of care: psychiatric assessment and medication management, psychological/emotional testing, 12 step programs, group therapy, social skills training, partial hospital programs and clergy support. These are just some of the referrals that the therapists at Spark of Creation Therapy are ready and willing to make when necessary.

Spark of Creation does not give up on patients. Rather, we will work with patients in whatever ways they might be able to make the progress they want to make. However dark a situation might feel, with therapy no one is truly alone.